Experience More Safer Hospitals: UV Disinfection Robot For Hospitals


In hospitals, there exist more harmful pathogens. You cannot eliminate such pathogens or organisms with traditional disinfection methods. They can result in chronic diseases. Therefore, they require more effective and strong disinfection. You also must ensure that this method does not adversely impact the surrounding people.

The more reliable solution for this scenario is a UV disinfection robot for hospital. Its main function is to damage the structural composition of the pathogens. This robot does this by using UV light irradiation. UV light is an ultraviolet light that completely makes them ineffective and destroys them. This is a completely environmentally friendly and efficient method. It poses no harm to others working in a particular vicinity.

Below you will find some reasons why you should choose this device, especially for hospitals.

What are the advantages of UV Disinfection Robot For Hospitals?

Here is the list of benefits. Get familiar with each one down below:

Dual Modes of Disinfection

As per the severity of the pathogens or level of disinfection needed. You can select from the number of modes. The modes include the single mode of disinfection and the full disinfection mode. Single mode allows you to focus the UV light on a particular place. At the same time, the full disinfection mode allows you to throw the UV light on the whole place at 360 degrees. In this mode, the disinfection robot rotates or moves, leaving no single pathogen in place.

Low Power Consumption

Lower power consumption means it does not empty the battery instantaneously. There are six lamps, each having a total size of around 90 cm. All lamps, when combined, take up a total power of 180 Watts. This means it will not burden your pocket in terms of expenses. You can carry out the operation without any worries.

Custom Routes Compatibility

Options exist to change the routes or tweak them directly through the software. You can point on the navigation map where you want your UV disinfection robot. This allows you to easily and effectively operate your robot. No matter how many obstacles exist on your route. It can effectively detect and avoid them.

After avoiding the robot again, turn to the actual path you fed in. This option allows any hospital to stress-free its management by feeding your robot’s right path.

Improved Safety

The UV disinfection robot for hospitals is completely safe to operate. You don’t need to worry about the safety of humans and animals. As you know, UV light greatly harms the human body.

It automatically stops functioning whenever the robot detects humans or animals within the 6-meter range. Until the specific person or animal leave its path, it again starts disinfection operation. This ensures how safe is your UV disinfection robot for hospitals.

So, in conclusion, this device is safe and will not harm anyone while in operation. Start using this device in hospitals today and enjoy a convenient and safe environment. Doing so will double your net revenue.


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