What to Expect from Audi’s 2022 GPS Navigation?


Audi sports cars have been collecting accolades for blowing up the perfect engines for a general luxury automated car for about a decade.  Additionally, it is certainly not a letdown in its design; it features a unique interior and exterior design while providing effortless controls around the driver. The brand has also maintained an infotainment Multi-Media Interface whose key roles are navigation and the general car’s audio.

Most of AUDI’s latest models come with an upgraded MMI Navigation Plus System, a standard setup. So you might have to pay a little extra to have the navigations upgraded to an interim technology pack.

The upgrade includes:

  • A 10-inch touch screen display
  • Zoom able maps and street view in a 3D presentation
  • Route Assistant that tracks your frequent routes; monitors traffic, and reroutes around jams
  • 10-12inch Audi’s Virtual Cockpit with digital driver’s dials
  • Android Audi Navigation GPS that shows Google Earth Images, fuel prices, and parking charges.
  • Audi Connect that’s responsible for linking MMI to the internet.

What is an Android Auto GPS in Audi Models?

Audi Android Auto is the latest talk in 2021. A higher percentage of the world’s population uses Android smartphones; although Apple’s iPhones are gradually taking over, Android OS still maintains the top tabs.  Audi manufacturers came up with something that a user can identify with more and feel like their own because even before Apple sold iPhones, most people owned smartphones.

Generally, there is nothing as seamless as the sync between the new Audi and the Android Auto; its users access a high-tech system linking them to Google Maps, contacts, and several sky-rated Android functions through Audi’s integrated display.

The 2021’s/2022 Android Auto is available on all new Audi cars, including Audi’s electric Audi e-Tron, Audi A4, and Audi TT from 2013 to 2018 models.

Step by Step Guide for Audi Android Auto Setup

Could this be Android’s marketing plan?  Here’s the best connection between your Android device and your new Audi.

  • Download Android Audi Navigation GPS to your phone and ensure your Bluetooth is active for a file transfer.
  • Use an Audi-approved USB cable and link your Android device to Audi’s USB port; It should be around the center console depending on your Audi series.
  • You will receive a prompt on your Audi touchscreen. Click on [Android Auto] then, [agree].
  • Your Android device will receive a prompt to select [Continue].
  • Once you agree to, Continue, you have your Android Audi Navigation GPS successfully enabled. So, your Audi Android Auto will be activated automatically once you plug in your Android smartphone.

However, your Android smartphone must be compatible with the myAudi app and the built-in MMI; this is possible for Android 6 and above. The great news is, Apple users having iOS 10.0 and above can also use the myAudi app.

The Bluetooth connection varies, with the latest cars prompting a WLAN connection between your device and Audi MMI. So any car of this type will need an active data package which might come at a cost depending on your service provider. Other Audi models will require you to plug in your SIM card with data packages. But, this is only possible if the manufacturers integrated a SIM card slot in your Audi series. Before the connection, it would be best to check with Hifi-max, your Android Audi Navigation GPS partner, for an easier connection.


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