Features and types of highlight wigs

highlight wigs

There are wigs of all kinds, designed to suit every person. Some are simple with standard colors, while others have bold colors like the highlight wig. Such wigs require high levels of confidence to rock them and a personality or style that embraces such hair. Highlight wigs have lighter ends or strands than the base color. The highlights are added through various techniques, which you can do yourself or through a hair professional. We outline the feature and types of highlight wigs below.

Features of a highlight wig

These wigs exist in different forms. Some are short, long, curly, wavy, or straight, but they have standard and distinct characteristics. They are;

1.      Pre-plucked hairline

Some wigs are pre-plucked before leaving the factory, while others must be plucked after buying. A pre-plucked highlight wig is easier to work on, especially if you are a beginner. The hairline is already prepped for you, so all you need to do is trim the lace based on your natural hairline.

2.      They are lace wigs

An advantage of having lace as your base is it mimics your scalp making the hair seem to be growing from it. The lace is mostly invisible, and you can customize using an eye pencil or ace powder to further disguise it as your own. It is breathable, so no heat is trapped inside your head. Also, the lace makes it easy to bleach the knots and have a different look.

3.      Are 100% human hair

Coloring or bleaching highlight wigs is possible because the hair used is pure. This means that no processing or chemical use has been done to it. It forms the difference between synthetic and virgin human hair. Synthetic wigs don’t work well with dyes or bleaches; therefore, highlight wigs are mainly human hair.

4.      Have adjustable wigs caps

The wig cap is made from stretchy material suitable for every head size. Some people avoid wigs due to the tight caps that constrict the head and cause discomfort. The stretchy lace promotes comfort, and you can wear the wig all day. Additionally, the cap comes with straps that you can tie depending on the size of your head. They are elastic in nature, so there’s no limitation to wearing them.

5.      Have clips or fasteners

These wigs provide the ultimate comfort and security. The presence of clips makes you walk confidently, knowing no one can pull off the wig or make it fall. They are positioned on the sides and the backside, so it will remain in place whichever way you move your head.

Types of highlight wigs

Highlight wigs make you look younger, are realistic and colorful. There are several types available, and we’ll list just a few below.

  • Highlight body wave wig
  • Ombre wig
  • Ombre balayage wig
  • Curly honey blonde wig


Highlight wigs have amazing features that make you want to buy them. You can buy an already highlighted wig or customize it yourself. Ensure that the color you choose suits your skin tone since different shades work for different people. Choosing a particular wig can be challenging, so seek advice from a salonist or wig seller to get the best type.


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