How to Wash Your Human Ginger wigs


The increasing popularity of ginger wigs across the globe is exceptional. More and more people are seemingly falling in love with ginger wigs. This scenario has pushed a lot more wig lovers into getting ginger wigs. If you’re one of the people who has recently acquired a ginger wig, then you must have spent a fortune trying to acquire the wig. If the ginger wig now happens to be made of human hair, then the price of the ginger wigs will be higher.

Given the high price of the ginger wig, you may have a headache simply thinking about the maintenance procedure of the wig. You wouldn’t want the wig to lose its color from washing the wig. Likewise, you also know that you require reasonable maintenance procedures to ensure that the wig is kept in good shape. Usually, it’s always better to take your ginger wig to an expert from time to time for maintenance.

However, no matter how frequently you take the wigs to an expert, you need to know how to do some maintenance. One of the basic maintenance processes you need for the wig is washing the wig. Washing a ginger wig is essential for its lifespan. While you must not wash too frequently, you have to wash it optimally. The process isn’t a tedious one, and you can do it on your own. To wash your ginger wig, simply follow this process;

Brush your wig properly

While washing your wig, you would not want it to have any entanglements somewhere in the middle. Use a comb to gently brush the wig on all sides to ensure that your wig has no knots tangled around the wigs.

Make a mixture of cold water and shampoo

In your bowl or inside your sink, fill up cold water and pour some shampoo inside. Since it is a ginger wig, ensure your shampoo isn’t to remove the color of your wig. The shampoo manufacturers always have a required amount of water and shampoo mix – stick to this mix.

Immerse the wig into the water;

Flip the wig into its inner side and put it into the shampoo and water mixture. You’re flipping the wig inside out so that the shampoo can get to the wig caps very quickly. It’s possible that the wig starts floating initially, but you need to ensure the wig is fully immersed in the water. It should stay inside the water for a total of five minutes.

Rinse the wig thoroughly

After the wig has stayed in the mixture, Rinse off every shampoo thoroughly with cold water.

Apply a good conditioner to the wet wig

The washing process may have taken some shine away from the wig. Therefore you need to apply a conditioner to return the wig to its shiny nature. After applying the conditioner, you have to rinse the wig off all conditioners.

Dry the wig

If you’ve followed the procedures above, what you should have now is a wet wig that needs drying. You can start by squeezing out the water, then air drying. You can use a dryer, but it may end up scattering the wig.


Washing a ginger wig is an essential but fragile process. You have to get it right to wash the wig well, and you need to do it rather frequently.