Shot Glass Types You Should Know About


Have you ever heard of penis shot glass? Yes they do exist and you can find some on Alibaba. So, if you’re planning to have more fun in your next party, then maybe a penis shot glass is the way to go. It’ll be loved by all the ladies who’re a fan of penises. This article will tell you more about the types of penis shot glasses and which one you should buy for yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

Types Of Penis Shot Glasses

This section deals with different types of penis shot glasses in details:

Crystal Clear Shot Glass

This type of glass is crystal clear and the contents are properly visible. You can use it for shots or any other alcoholic beverage but don’t forget that the beverage will still taste the same.

Colored Shot Glasses

These are rather colored in blue, red, etc. and are best suited for parties. You can use it for any alcoholic beverage. The appearance will resemble jelly-like vision, which will be a bit translucent and shiny in color.

Shot Glasses Universal

The universal shot glasses are meant for all types of uses ranging from alcoholic beverage, soft drinks, or even water. Think of any liquid that you’d want to consume and this glass would leave you stunned.

Shot Glasses For Wines

If you’re looking for shot glasses particularly for wine, then this one is for you. It’s designed to aid the style of drinking which is needed when drinking a wine. In other words, wine is drunk in a different manner than other beverages. Wine is drunk slowly and drinking it in a penis glass will keep the penis tip touched to your mouth for a longer time than usual, which is a little bit sensual for some people.

Penis Glass Sizes

These glasses are available in different sizes but are not measured to scale. Still, below is a description of some sizes you can consider:

  • The ideal height is usually 14.5cm or nearly 15cm, which is suited only for shots. However, some large sized glasses are also available that can be of more height.
  • The testicles are usually 6cm wide, which are enough to offer a stable base to keep the glass on the table.
  • The tip is 4cm wide, which resembles any real penis tip.

How Do I Wash My Penis Shot Glass?

The technique of cleaning penis shot glass is a bit different since the internal volume is low, which needs extensive cleaning. Still below is how to clean your penis shot glass:

  1. Clean the outer surface with warm water and if there are any tough stains, they’ll go away with warm water.
  2. Fill a vessel with hot or warm water and put your shot glass in it horizontally. This will help the water enter the thin internal volume.
  3. Let it still for a few seconds and drain the water from the shot glass. Then wipe it dry.


So, aren’t you excited about penis shot glasses? Don’t you want to buy and use them? If yes, then buy from Alibaba and you’ll get quality glass from there at the best price. Go ahead and buy one for yourself today!


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