Some Things You Didn’t Know About Sero Hanta


A character in the My Hero Academia anime series, sero hanta is one of the reasons why it has enjoyed massive success over the years. For the past years, there have been numerous launches of different anime series with exciting storylines. However, My Hero Academia has stopped at the top because of its specific characters. In this series, there are powerful superheroes who are already known and the younger generation who want to replace the other superheroes. In the series, the most prominent or, better still, the most popular hero in the series is Izuku Midoriya. However, not many turn focus to another important hero in the series Sero Hanta.

Sero Hanta, throughout the series, was popularly regarded as a Taping hero. He is a student at the U.A High school, and he aimed to become a hero professionally. Physically he’s got a good appearance because he is tall and a little slim. His story and eye colors are both black, and he has bangs that stretch towards his forehead. In the series, other heroes like Katsuki Bakugou claimed that sero hantaface was only a plain one. However, his face has some details, especially with the black eyes, which are usually stretched wide and petite pupils.

Apart from using his quirk to try to show off and impress people, Sero Hanta is a lovely hero. Amongst his classmates, he was always pleasant and friendly; however, this meant he had to be a bit loud sometimes. He is one of the funniest people in his class, but at the same time, he is highly outspoken. When any of his classmates are going out of line, Sero Hanta will not hesitate to put them in their place. Highly overlooked because of his friendly personality, sero hanta is one of the best superheroes in the My Hero Academia anime series. Some of the things you didn’t know about him include;

He is confident

Sero santa always has his confidence up regardless of the situation. He believes strongly that even when all is against him, he still has a chance, and usually, this always works for him. A good scenario of this personality showed when sero faced shoto todoroki at the sports festival. Sero initially agreed that he doubted his abilities to win the competition, but almost immediately, he reiterated and confidently claimed that he didn’t want to lose. However, he lost that competition.

He is strong

Usually, the whole idea of being a superhero is strength. But in the My Hero Academia anime series, strength wasn’t the main character of the superheroes. Instead, these superheroes had quirks. But inversely, Sero hanta had a lot of strength throughout the series, regardless of his strength. That is why even with his lean body, he always had a surprising strength.

He loves spiderman

Are you a Marvel Fan? If you are a marvel fan that loves spiderman, then sero hanta will be one of your favorite superheroes in the My Hero Academia anime series. He even has a tape from his quirk that is similar to the spiderman web sling.


Sero Hanta may be highly overlooked in the My Hero Academia series, but he’s got a lot of personalities you should know. We have discussed some in this guide.


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