Why You Should Invest In Superbox Tv Box


Superbox is an excellent alternative to cable TV. With live TV and Video on Demand apps,it allows you to stream several channels like a cable.

Albeit Superbox has evolved a lot, Superbox S1 served your needs well. But the developers have continued to introduce better designs. The second-generation TV box exemplifies the best software in the market. With excellent executable applications, you can stream whatever you like.

But if you are looking for diversity, super box s2 pro channels will dazzle you. It has over 1300 channels. And you can make the most out of your channels, by hooking an Ethernet. And you’ll enjoy uninterrupted live streaming, PPV events, and sports.

But that’s the tip of the iceberg. This article talks about the ins and outs of a super box so you can make a prudent purchase.

Let’s take a tour;

The Key Features of the Superbox

There are three models of Superbox TV boxes on the market; Superbox s1, Superbox s2, and Superbox s3.

Superbox s1

One can argue that the functionality of a super box TV is twofold. One, it aims to cut down costs and introduce users to several unpaid-for channels. It is the reason why it adopts the android platform. It allows you to download PPV channels of your choice. And skip the vicious cycle of a monthly subscription.

Superbox s1 box is a legal product with stunning features. At the back, you will find;

USB ports to connect with other peripheral devices. And the HDMI cable allows you to hook it with a digital TV. Albeit, Superbox lacks optical audio, an HDMI cable comes in handy. It passes high-resolution audio and video signals.

Superbox s2

Superbox s2 is almost identical to the s1 pro from the outside, but it has enhanced storage of about 16 GB. Other features include;

  • Expand memory; 128 Gb
  • Two USB ports (USB disk and USB HCD)
  • Bluetooth (4.0)
  • Dual-band WiFi
  • High definition Video Out-put

Superbox s3

Superbox s3 is pretty like s2. The only recognizable feature that sets them apart is the improved internal storage. While the s2 pro box has 16 GB storage, the s3 pro box comes with 32 GB. It allows you to install more apps and enhance your portfolio. Also, the s3 pro has a remarkable voice recognition remote control. You speak to it, and it executes your command in a split second.

Superbox user interface

Installing a Superbox TV box is pretty simple. Plug cables in the correct ports, and you are all set.

To access your favorite channels, navigate to the voice on demand. You will find apps that support your needs. Download the app and start enjoying the latest movies. And if you fancy premium cable channels, you’ll get to enjoy them too.

The benefits of installing a Superbox TV box

Superbox TV box features a versatile and super flexible operating system. You can upgrade it to match the fast-paced technology and never feel like you are behind schedule.

Other features like the WiFi sizzles the TV box. It allows for broader connectivity and flexibility. You can browse for the latest movies. And install a new application, if necessary.

The juiciest part is that Superbox sets updates by itself, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself.


Do I need to make monthly subscriptions to watch IPTV channels?

The answer is no. Superbox Tv box attracts one-time payment to allow you to download applications. Also, it comes with free-to-air channels that don’t need you to pay a dime.

Can I access live sports channels?

Yes, of course. Superbox has several live channels. It allows you to catch up with the latest developments in your favorite sport. It airs American soccer, cricket, and volleyball, to name but a few.

Key Take away

Superbox TV box is your go-to alternative if your budget doesn’t support cable TV. It has thousands of channels that will blow your mind. And the best part, you make a one-time payment to access them. Also, the Superbox TV box is super flexible. It means you have the discretion to upgrade it to the latest version. And never miss experiencing a new application.


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