How to Effectively Maintain a Good Pressure Washer

How to Effectively Maintain a Good Pressure Washer

You spent a lot of money selecting a good pressure washing machine to sort out your cleaning needs, including vehicle cleaning. Now that the pressure washing machine has made your work easier and faster, you need to maintain t properly for you to enjoy its perks longer. Whether electric or gas powered, the maintenance needs of every pressure washer vary from one machine to the other. Electric models generally require less maintenance than their counterparts; the gasoline-powered pressure washers. The best way to identify your machine’s cleaning routine and care is to check the owner’s manual attached to the pressure washer when you buy it. Alternatively, you can use the following maintenance and safety procedures to ensure your pressure washer serves you longer:

Pre-use Maintenance Procedure for a Pressure Washing Machine

The following are easy maintenance steps to implement before using a pressure washer.

  1. If your pressure washing machine is gasoline-powered, inspect the oil and fuel levels. Ensure they are at the correct level, and be careful not to overfill when refueling the engine. Also, remember to close the fuel shutoff valve when refueling a pressure washer.
  2. Then, observe the water inlet screen placed at the connection point to the garden hose. Clean a dirty screen with water, or replace it if damaged. If your pressure washing machine has an inline screen, ensure that it isn’t clogged. Replace the inline screen in the wand extension if damaged, or wash it if dirty.
  3. Check the wand extension, nozzle tip, and spray gun in your pressure washer. Inspect the features closely to ensure a secure connection even to the high-pressure hose. Also, remember to examine the trigger lock and the spray gun trigger for abnormalities. If not functioning well, replace the speargun.
  4. Check the high-pressure hose for any leaks, cuts, and other abnormalities, including bulges. Also, examine the couplings, and if damaged, replace the hose following the manufacturers’ replacement guide.
  5. Check the detergent siphoning tube for any clogged material inside. Clean it out to remove dirt, and also examine the filter if your power washer has one in the detergent system.
  6. Prepare the pressure washing machine for use by flushing out the garden hose before connecting it to the pressure washer.

Apart from this regular pre-use maintenance routine, the following are other pressure washer maintenance tips for a long-lasting machine:

  • Frequently lubricate the connections in your pressure washing machine, including the spray gun, wand extension, and hose.
  • Remember to clean debris from the pressure washer’s cooling vents.
  • If your equipment has a muffler and sparks arrestor, regularly inspect them for any inconsistencies.
  • Periodically replace the O-rings present in the machine’s connections like the hose, water inlet, and spray gun.
  • Store the pressure washer in a cool and dry area, away from extreme freezing temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions.


That’s it! The above are easy Pressure maintenance steps and tips to help maintain your pressure washing machine longer. With proper maintenance, you will have less to worry about incurring unnecessary expenses in replacing the essential parts or buying a new pressure washer altogether.


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