4 Main Considerations When Buy a New USB Car Charger


It’s no secret that a car charger is one of the essential accessories you can have in your car. A good USB car charger will charge a dead phone to 50% in half an hour or less with the latest developments. These chargers are now available at Ugreen and are capable of much more than their users might imagine; visit here for more. Since most people forget to charge their phone and end up with a device on low battery on their way to work, a USB car charger comes in handy. These devices, however, come as modifications to existing car accessories or as components to the car itself. The majority of these car chargers get their charging capabilities from the cigarette lighter in the car. But how do you ensure you get the best car charger?

What to look out for when buying a new USB car charger

Just as there are many charging cables in the market, you will encounter many USB car chargers. Thus, it’s essential to know what to look out for when searching for a new USB car charger so as not to get into frustrations, especially when you damage your device. Here’s what to pay close attention to:

Size of the charger

You’d want to have some charge on your phone before you get to work, but it’s also vital to pick out a car charger that will not affect the vehicle’s controls. Some cigarette lighters are near crucial car controls; thus, a large USB car charger will obstruct you from using the controls. You may also keep the leads away from the car’s center console. The good thing is that most car charges have well-thought sizes.

Multiple outlets

If you have more than one device that needs constant charging and you’re always on the move, then a USB car charger with many ports will be ideal for you. Most car chargers have two outputs; however, you might want to splurge for a larger USB car charger if you have more devices. Additionally, you can go for a USB car charger for the passengers behind the driver.

Power output

It’s also important to know your device’s power requirements; otherwise, you risk damaging it. As a rule of thumb, always buy the USB car charger with a higher power output because you are guaranteed faster charging.

Quality of the charger

Quality is perhaps the most critical factor to consider when buying a USB car charger. While it’s a generally accepted theory that a cheaper charger might be defective, there are instances that an expensive one might have a shorter shelf life. To avoid such inconveniences, buy a USB car charger from trusted brands like Ugreen.


While the technological developments have resulted in wireless chargers installed in cars, most cars still employ USB car chargers for cigarette lighters. It might require you to spend a little more on a quality product, but it will be worth it. At Ugreen, they have quality USB car chargers in stock for your selection.


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