A Guide For Choosing The Right LED Dimmer Switch


Dimmer switches are important components of any LED bulb. It’s good to have the correct information about them to choose what is suitable for you. The Dimmable LED power supply controls the level of brightness of an LED bulb. Dimmers create favorable lighting in spaces where the focus is not quite necessary. They help save energy and cut down the cost of energy consumption. Below is a guide for selecting the right LED dimmer switch.

How to choose a dimmer switch for your LED light

It’s frustrating to install an LED light only to try operating it, and it doesn’t work. The correct dimmer switch is usually compatible with the LED device. The wrong type will cause unnecessary issues like flickers or internal noises. Allow the seller to guide you through the selection process based on what you need. Alternatively, go through the points below to better understand an easy buying process.

Type of the LED dimmer switch

There are several LED dimmer switches to choose from. This part can be challenging. However, looking at what you already have in your room or space can be a starting point. Dimmers come based on the application of the type of bulb connectivity. There are many other types, but these are the main ones.

a. Single pole dimmers

They are more prevalent in homes than in other areas. The dimmers control everything concerning the lights from one location. You turn the lights on and dim them from the same switch.

b. Three-way dimmers

They consist of two switches plus the light. They are ideal for areas with multiple passages. The switch is usually placed in one location, while regular switches are placed in other places.

Bulb type

You can choose just any bulb to go with the dimmer switch. They must be compatible for them to work together. For an LED dimmer switch, the bulb must have the ability to dim. Also, anything that is LED must go with another LED device. There are many dimmable bulb types; however, you cannot mix them up. You can find three main bulbs types in electric shops. However, the LEDs are becoming more available as the rest phase out.

LED dimmer switch control style

This selection step is quite exciting since you can show off your personality. Though fun for you, you need to be careful and take your time. Think about the dimmer switch location. Will it serve one LED light or multiple lights? How will you utilise the lights controlled by it? Do you need it to regulate the brightness or leave them on the same level? The answers to all these questions offer the perfect guide for your selection. The dimmer switch styles are tap, rocker, rotary, toggle, and slide dimmer styles.


The lighting technology is changing quite fast. With the LEDs being prevalent, dimmer switches for LED lighting have increased. You can comfortably adjust the brightness in any space as per your need or mood. Their versatility is great. It offers you excellent options for your areas based on their types, bulb styles, and control style.


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