Advantages of an Industrial Single Board Computer Over a Traditional PC


Looking for an efficient way to manage your manufacturing business? Consider switching over the traditional PC you’ve been using and take advantage of single board pc like those made by Intel®, NVIDIA® or ARM™. These versatile little devices are perfect when processing large volumes in complex robotic systems, as they’re compact enough so that all components can fit inside one machine housing (saving space). They also provide plenty access points outside their operating system; meaning if there’s some custom programming needed due specific needs within production lines – this SBC has got ya covered!


Single Board Computers (SBCs) are high-productivity embedded computers. They can be used in almost any environment. From manufacturing to public spaces, these computers are an integral part of our everyday lives. They are very compact and easy to integrate, making them a very practical solution for a variety of applications.

Single Board Computers have many advantages over traditional desktop computers. First, they consume less power and generate less heat. This makes them ideal for use in environments where temperature is an issue. Secondly, they are easy to integrate with existing equipment. Most Industrial Single Board Computers have a single board that is small enough to be easily incorporated into an industrial network.


Industrial Single Board Computers are ideal for a variety of applications and often come in a compact size. They are easy to integrate into existing equipment and come with an Ethernet port for networking. They are available as COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) devices or as fully-featured, full-featured models that fit inside embedded devices. COTS products offer excellent support and longevity.

Industrial Single Board Computers are designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, and temperature extremes. With a powerful CPU like the Intel Celeron N3350, the devices are suitable for manufacturing, energy management, and transportation applications.


Industrial Single Board Computers are small and easy-to-manage devices that are capable of performing a variety of tasks. These devices feature built-in Ethernet ports and can easily connect to existing LAN or WAN networks. They also feature a single-board configuration that minimizes the number of circuit boards and helps lower the cost of the system. They are ideal for industrial applications that require low-power computing and tough industrial environments.

Industrial Single Board Computers (SBCs) have a wide range of configuration options and form factors. For instance, the WINSYSTEMS SBC35-427 SBC uses the latest Intel Apollo Lake-I E3900 processor and a variety of configuration options. The device is capable of operating in temperature ranges between -40degC and +85degC.


Single-board computers have many advantages over traditional PCs, including their small size and lower power consumption. They are also more reliable and have fewer components. They are commonly used in industrial systems and are designed for use in industrial environments. They offer a variety of features and can be used for a variety of applications.

Because of their compact size, these PCs can be easily integrated into a variety of industrial settings. They offer the same performance of a full-size desktop PC, but they are sized for use in space-constrained environments. The majority of SBCs have regular PC file systems and feature a wide range of input/output options. Some SBCs even have GPIO headers, allowing them to interface with the physical world.


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