The Best Practices of Using a Pressure Washer

The Best Practices of Using a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are your best partner in cleaning your home and giving it a sparkling, decorative look. They often give impressive results, giving your surfaces a fresh appeal. Pressure users have become more popular over time, and like all popular machines, some people also misuse them. This article will explain good and bad practices that you need to do or avoid. To start, understand why you need a pressure washer in your home.

Why Do You Need a Pressure Washer?

Not many people get thrilled at the thought of getting up from a couch and doing some thorough cleaning. Some people would rather sit and enjoy a movie than spend long hours cleaning outdoor spaces with tough and sticky dirt and grime. Fortunately, some home-cleaning tools exist, easing the outdoor cleaning process so you don’t have to strain.

Such tools include a pressure washer, an efficient machine that helps you clean surfaces faster and more efficiently. An effective pressure washer will leave your dirty home exterior squeaky clean within no time. To top it all, you will use up to 80% less water with a pressure washer compared to what you would have used with a garden hose. And, it is more powerful than a garden hose, making it an ideal addition to your home cleaning equipment. The following are best practices to follow to get the most benefits out of a pressure washing machine:

Make Adequate Preparations Before You Start

First, make sure you have enough water supply. Ensure that the water flow is fast and efficient, as a slow one will delay feeding it into the pressure washer. Once you are satisfied with the water flow, clean the machine’s inlet filter to remove unwanted particles or material. Check the pressure washer’s connections to ensure they are safely secured when attaching them to a hose pipe or a nozzle wand. Your pressure washer will be easy to operate while cleaning with a secure connection.

Adjust Your Pressure Washer’s Spray Angle to Get the Best Force

You need the pressure washing machine’s nozzle to be at the best angle, especially when cleaning hidden surfaces like the bottom side of a patio table. It can be challenging to reach such surfaces, but the good news is that you can purchase an adjustable nozzle. Such a nozzle gives you extra control, as you can clean difficult-to-reach surfaces without breaking a sweat.

Start Lightly and Then Slowly Ease Into the Cleaning Process

A direct and abrupt blast of water from a pressure washer at close range will damage the very surface you intend to clean. Don’t stand too close to the surface you are washing, as you risk stripping a wall of its paint or ruining your precious cedar patio table. Move close to the surface when the water pressure is efficient and safe enough to remove the dirt and grime.

Use the Correct Pressure Washing Technique

If the dirt on a surface has caked-on and you haven’t washed it in a while, the best cleaning technique to use is to soak it in detergent water first. When soaking the surface, apply the detergent water in horizontal motions to prevent runoff streaks. Let it sit for some minutes, and then rinse it from the top down to remove all the dirt.

Don’t Use a Pressure Washer for Every Surface

Not all surfaces are suitable to be cleaned with a pressure washing machine. Steer clear from using the washer on old and worn-out surfaces, as they can collapse under the pressured water. Also, your life is at risk when you pressure wash an old wall, as it can collapse on you and cause serious injury.


There you go, you have learned the best pressure washer practices when using the machine. The techniques will help you obtain fantastic pressure cleaning results and protect your precious surfaces. Most importantly, you will remain safe and far from harm’s way if you implement the best practices.


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