How to Keep Your Earbuds Clean


There are many options for earbuds you will find on reputable sites like These earbud options are amazing, and they may have you confused when you are making a choice. However, you have no business buying the most beautiful earbuds if you do not know how to manage and maintain their beauty. Some people understand how easy it is to have Clean earbuds. Many people will not admit it, but the fashionable features of headphones and earbuds is one of the reasons for their popularity. The reason an earbud will look attractive to you is because of the design and the habit of the user. If the user decides to use the earbud they deem fit, you may not like how it looks. But because of the good maintenance, it is always love at first sight for a Clean earbud.

Storing your earbuds properly and wearing them correctly may be the most important maintenance procedures for earbuds. Missing these steps will only have your earbuds missing or damaged easily. Regardless, cleaning is also an important part of maintaining your earbud. Many particles stick to our ears and environs that can get into the earbuds. An accumulation of these particles can lead to damage to the earbuds themselves. Cleaning these earbuds from time to time is one giant step toward preventing such injuries. However, when you are cleaning the earbuds, you also have to be careful, so you do not cause more damage. This guide will explain the steps to clean your earbuds properly.

Using a Toothbrush

There are three main ways you can clean your earbuds. You can either use a toothbrush, soap solution or rubbing alcohol. For this guide, we will be focusing on the toothbrushing process and the soap and water solution. To clean earbuds with a toothbrush, you can follow the process.

Remove earbuds from the device

If you use earbuds with a chord, you need to remove them. Also, if the earbuds are connected through Bluetooth, it is better to unplug all connections. You may risk spoiling the wires if it is plugged.

Use a new toothbrush

You may not see them, but old toothbrushes contain loads of microorganisms that you will not want in your ear Buds. Even when you think they will be the stronger option, do not go for it. Always use a clean and new toothbrush.

Clean the earbuds gently

Take your time while scrubbing the earbuds. Do not try to rush the process; if not, you will be using too much force. Start from the most delicate parts where the music is playing from, and then move to other parts.

Dispose of toothbrush

After cleaning your earbuds once, try to throw the toothbrush away. It may seem wasteful, but some dirt is on the brush, and it will add to the dirt into the earbuds.

Using Soap solution

Using the soap solution is always an easier solution with less stressful processes. All you need is to mix soap and water and get a Clean cloth for washing. Allow cloth to get damp with the solution and clean only the outer part of the earbud. Remember to check that your earbud dries up


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