The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Battery for Your Nikon Camera


Unquestionably, photography enthusiasts would agree that a camera is nothing without a battery. With no discernible power system, a Nikon camera with any sensor is prohibited or has no focus. The best idea is to opt for the best battery that ensures your camera keeps going in the right direction. Whether you are working as a travel, landscape, portrait, or action-shot photographer, a decent battery that lights up every aspect of your photos is key.

That is why this ultimate guide will help you make the right decision regarding the best Batterie appareil photo Nikon.

Useful Insights into Choosing the Best Battery for Your Nikon Camera

Know Your Nikon: Battery Compatibility

Regarding the types of batteries, before anything else, it is crucial to note the batteries are not mutually compatible. That is to say, the Nikon cameras tend to utilize exactly those batteries for which they are made. For example, the Nikon D3200 battery is an EN-EL14 model, while the dumber version D500 uses an EN-EL15 corresponding battery. To be sure what battery should be used, one must refer to the instructions to the camera or the Batterie professionnel website.

Decoding Nikon Battery Models

Nikon has different battery models, namely EN-EL14a, EN-EL15b, and EN-EL20a. It should be kept in mind that higher numbers correspond to larger capacity and hence longer battery life. Therefore, if you plan to buy such a product, be sure to write down the exact designation, as only one letter change may indicate a different voltage or capacity.

Understanding Battery Capacity

The capacity of a battery is typically given in mAh. Higher mAh is better because the camera will need charging less often, which is important for a long photo session. You need to remember that higher mAh not only makes the battery cost more but also brings some weight to your camera.

Original vs. Third-Party Batteries

In buying the original Nikon battery, you receive the camera’s specific model, which is guaranteed, reliable, and accompanied by warranty coverage. However, it is possible to choose some third-party options if you desire an alternative that is cost-effective. In this case, it is very important to give preference to reliable manufacturers whose products have safety approvals and positive characteristics that are close to their branded counterparts to eliminate the danger of damaging the camera.

Signs of a Quality Battery

  • Safety Protocols: High-quality Nikon batteries are designed with built-in mechanisms to prevent overcharging, electrical short-circuits, and excessive heat build-up.
  • ISO Standards: Batteries certified with CE, UL, and RoHS compliances are accepted to meet the global uniform safety and environmental regulations.
  • Guarantee: The longer the battery warranty is given, the more responsible the manufacturer is for the product, and the longer it is promised to work as well as new.

Where to Purchase Nikon Batteries?

In terms of buying Nikon batteries, photography lovers can rest assured that Batterie professionnel is their best friend in this field. This reputable online store provides the biggest range of batteries in France, operating worldwide – with over 100,000 types available for order, including many types of real Nikon camera batteries. Since 2010, when it was founded, the name of the online store has been synonymous with a good understanding of customers’ needs and a group of specialists eager to provide professional advice and help customers choose the best items. Batterie professionnel gives customers a guarantee of authenticity and protects them against the dangers posed by the trend of using counterfeit batteries, ensuring that the performance and safety standards of Nikon devices will be met.


Choosing the perfect battery for your Nikon camera is a blend of understanding compatibility, comparing battery capacity, and considering the pros and cons of OEM and third-party options. Remember to choose a battery that has the necessary safety certification and look into the longevity and warranty. By following this guide, you can be sure that you have your Nikon powered by a reliable source, and you can go to take as many pictures as you want!


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