5 Best Places to Pressure Wash around Your House


Living in a clean and healthy place is something that everyone wants. You must be cleaning your houses daily, and you may also pressure wash your gateways and driveways to keep the house sparkling.

But there are also some places inside your house which need pressure wash. Sometimes, just cleaning your surroundings with high pressure and Max Flow is all you need.

Let’s see five such places around your house.

Fences and Siding of Your House

The contaminants in fences and siding are left even during deep cleaning as it’s a time-consuming process. But fortunately, pressure wash can save you both time and health.


Your house siding is another place that requires special attention. The sides of the house are often loaded with contaminants like algae or toxins, which are harmful to the integrity of your place.


The fences used in your house are usually made of wood. Open weather can leave many long-lasting impacts on your fences in the form of mold, grime, and dust. In such a situation, you might be thinking of changing your fence to a new one. However, it will only need a pressure washer to restore its shine.

Swimming Pools

All of us take care of the surfaces and sides of our pools. But what about the pool cage and screens? Have you ever thought about the debris and grease gathered underneath these screens? Your pool cage can be the home of many insects.

Giving a pressure wash inside and out to your pool will clean all the debris and insects. Moreover, it is a safer option as compared to toxic chemical pool cleaners.

Roofs of Your Rooms

To prevent the growth of algae and molds on your roofs, you can pressure wash them. It will increase the lifespan of your roofing material. Moreover, it will clean the debris hidden in nooks and crannies.

But make sure to do the cleaning under gentle pressure so that you may not damage any part of your room. It is better to hire an expert for this purpose. He will do pressure wash while taking care of electrical hangings and ceiling joints.


Rugs provide significant room for bacteria and viruses to reside inside them. Also, a lot of dirt is caught up by trolling children and other homies traffic. Pressure wash is the easiest way to deep clean your rugs. Otherwise, brushes are going to take ages.

Terrace and Courtyard:

The terrace and courtyard are also some of the most neglected places in terms of thorough cleaning. Since these places are the gateway of fresh air to your home, they should be free of all kinds of molds, mildew, and grime.

Pressure wash your terrace and courtyard to remove all the dirt and dust. Doing this will also cut down your cost of terrace painting and staining projects.


Pressure wash is an underrated method, but it can add value to your place. Cleaning the above places with this method will make your house a healthier place to live in. To avoid any kind of loss, it’s better to hire a pressure wash company. It will save your house from unprofessional losses.


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