How to Store an HD Lace Wig

three tone ombre style hair weave lace closure

From inception, hd lace wigs and every new generation didn’t start in the wig industry. The wig industry began with regular wigs with little or no styles. But as growth will have it, we have different types of wigs, with people having a hard time choosing a wig. You may see one woman who owns between twenty and thirty wigs.

Initially, wigs were just an avenue to style your hair relatively easily. It was meant to bring ease because most wigs already have their respective styles; therefore, you would not have much need to pack and style the hair. But wigs, over the years, have proven that they are more work than making hairdos. The maintenance cost of wigs in cash and time is a lot, but they are still a lot more comfortable.

One of the many problems of HD lace frontal wig and any other wig is maintenance. Maintenance isn’t about washing the wig at intervals; it starts with how you store it. In this guide, we’ll explain how to store your HD lace wigs properly so that they can stand the test of time.

Wash and Condition The Wig

If you have a wig that you think is dirty, before you think of storing it, you should first wash the wig. To wash a wig, you need to be sure of the products you’re using. First off, the washing products must be of high quality. Not just the quality, the shampoo product must be a color-friendly option. If you buy a shampoo that takes away the colors, you will not like the hair color after a while. After shampooing the hair, you have to condition it. The conditioner is the product that restores the shining feature on most wigs. After applying the conditioner, leave on the hair for less than ten minutes and rinse thoroughly. Before applying the conditioner after shampooing, you must have rinsed the shampoo off.

Dry and Comb The Wig

After the washing and conditioning process, your hair is still wet. And, of course, there’s no way you are storing a wet wig. What you need to do is to dry the wig. Because of innovation and technology these days, there are machines to make our work faster – one of which is a hair dryer. While it will dry your hair more quickly, using a hairdryer consistently has adverse effects on your hair. It’s usually better to dry the hair with nature. After drying, you can now comb the hair to ensure no tangles whatsoever.

Place in a Plastic Bag or Wig Stand

Now that you have treated the transparent lace front wig right, the storage remains. You can store your wig by either hanging it in the open or placing it in a plastic bag. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages; the plastic bag storage keeps the wig intact, but nay has a heating effect. The wig stand will allow air into the wig, but it can get scattered. Choose your option and carefully store your HD transparent lace front wig.


Storing an HD lace wig follows the same process as keeping any other wig type. You can easily follow the procedure above to store your wig optimally.


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